What is the difference between Big Box stores fence and your fence?

The major difference is quality. Our routed vinyl fence has thicker walls, more ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent discoloration and is fabricated, not glued together. Our fence is seamless and will not come apart due to loss of adhesion. Our fence does not require brackets or fasteners so there are no unsightly sharp metal objects to protrude or discolor over time.


What types of hardware do you use for your gates?

Superior Fence & Rail uses only premium quality stainless self closing hinges and latches.


What types of vinyl fences do you offer?

We are a vinyl fence fabricator. We have the ability to fabricate over 100 different styles of fences.


Does your company use concrete when installing a fence?

Yes we include concrete on every post we install.


Does your company have insurance coverage?

Yes, we carry $1,000,000 general liability and $1,000,000 worker’s comp. Hiring a company that does not carry insurance can leave you responsible if something happens on your property.


Do you use company installers or subcontractors?

We use only professionally trained company installers.


What type of vinyl fence caps do you offer?

Our standard caps are the pyramid flat caps. We offer Gothic caps, New England caps, Ball caps, Coachman caps and solar caps for an additional price.


Do you sell 6 ft wide vinyl panels or 8 ft wide vinyl panels?

We use six foot wide panels & 8 foot wide panels. 6 foot wide cost a little more because they requires 20% more posts, labor and concrete but they meet a higher wind load resistance than our competitors standard T & G Fence and do not do not require aluminum stiffener to prevent sagging in the bottom rail. Check out Wind ratings on Activeyards products ‘Miami Dade code approved AS STANDARD! They are the only company that offers 8 foot panels as standard to comply to the Miami Dade wind code.


For customers who like to “do-it-yourself”, Superior Fence & rail has available for purchase wood, chain link, Aluminum & Steel and vinyl fencing materials. We also have all types of hardware for gates and repairs. Our personnel will help you determine your needs for your particular project. Whether you are residential homeowner or contractors Superior Fence & Rail has you covered.

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